162. Layering Particles Systems in Blender - My render

So here’s my render:

I guess I need a lot more grass. I don’t want to think about the render time…


How about to place a grass / ground texture map. So that the floor isn’t that brown / visible?

coming along nicely :slight_smile:

More grass, but maybe either a texture, or perhaps shorter filling grass

Thanks for the advice. I guess I could also put in more of the plants. They should fill it up pretty good (although at the cost of already high render times). A good balance is probably the best (as so often).

I know it is late in the game but, I am going to put in my two cents worth here. I think maybe a greenish brown color on the floor would help to better blend the grass with the soil.

Or, a better solution might be to add a grassy ground texture on your floor plane. It would help incorporate/blend the tall grass with the “soil” and you wouldn’t have to add a lot of extra grass.

You can find many textures on the web. Some places require you have an account and limit your downloads; others require payment per texture; while others require some sort of acknowledgement, etc. READ the USE requirements for each site carefully before you download.

BE SURE TO READ and ADHERE to the Terms of Service or User License Agreements to see what you are allowed to do with any texture you download least you find yourself in legal trouble. Some places will allow personal use only (meaning you can’t sell your item using their texture); others will allow you both personal and commercial use.

P.S. I can’t find it now but somewhere in this community I saw someone posted a list of resources for assets and textures and things, which might be helpful to you as well.

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