105 - Introduction to the Grease Pensil

Here’s my sketch…


He! funny my lamp had also wing nuts. Nice project!

Thanks @FedPete!! I’m excited to see your project.
Can I ask you something? (I’ll ask it anyway hahahaha)

Do I need to make a hole for my bolt or can I place it through the rod? (I’m learning 3d to make game models), at the moment I made a hole, but as I’ll remake my lamp, so I would like to know it.

Thanks for your attention!

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If the hole is covered by a nut, it is useless geometry.
Also, is it essential for the animation later on the course?
These are such tiny details, it won’t be seen in a animation.

For the animation it self, there is no need. Animation is done by armature and bones.
Which connects to vertices. The hole is just visual.

I have also the urge to make my models exact. But you need to think how your model is going to be used.
Lot’s of student make an animation in a dark environment . Details are gone then.

This is my lamp animation June 2016.
At the end nuts flying around (can’t be seen).
The holes in the bowling ball, can’t be seen … even the ball is too fast :wink:

That’s why you need to have a plan and try to stick to the plan.

Have fun.

This is my lamp, rendered as a wallpaper.


Thanks a lot for your answer @FedPete!!!
I just loved your animation and your lamp wallpaper :slight_smile:

Well you did it in 2016! I wonder what you are capable to do nowadays…

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Not much, projects are getting bigger. Computer slower…
I’m following the Character course now.
I did that one already (2018), but it is upgraded. So I’m working on the Orc challenge now.
And a new small movie.

Blender is huge. So much to learn, even for me.

I’ll get that course too, as soon as I finish this one, and the environment one too.
Do you share your work somewhere?

No, not really. Just here, scattered over the forums.
I started many times, to build my own website.
But I miss the motivation.
I think because it’s my daily work, Blender is more fun.
That where the FED, from FedPete comes from (Front-end Developer, websites)

Wow, really cool. I’m a System Analyst ahahah
I understand you :wink:

But maybe you don’t need your own website, there’s a lot of places to share your work, like, sketchFab, instagram, blender forums, etc…

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Though job!