1 Game A Month.... trials and tribulations with Blender and Unity

Thought I would start noting down my Unity progression through creating monthly games for 1 Game A Month…

This is the 3rd im working through, thought I would try a mini golf game (well one hole anyway)

Whilst working through the Blender course, and currently going through the Game Asset Creation section, I thought I would create a mini golf course as modular as possible.

then in separate blender files link and proxy each part to construct a hole and use that as my hole asset for importing into unity.

this part went relatively smoothly.

Currently working on getting the stroke mechanics/physics working just using a sphere and a linecast then apply a force in that direction.

what a nightmare, been 3 days and the one big issue that im having, and it appears as the ball whilst on a flat surface will continue to roll really slowly for a veeeery long time…

one of the solutions that seems to work so far during testing is to apply a physic material to surfaces and the ball. as it would seem that without a specific physic material on the collider, the default physic that must be used by the physx engine seems to get some strange results and left me struggling for ages.

once i get to a point where I have the motion and slowdown the way I want it ill post to share, and ill pop it all up on my github account once its complete to share.


Don’t know how I missed this Darren! This looks fantastic, what a great idea…

I see this is just over a month ago, how is it coming along? Did you resolve the issues with the overly enthusiastic ball?

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Just a quick question…
I’m using Blender with Maya settings (yeah boooh I know :wink: ) But I just wanted to know if the Blender Course is also “doable” using the Maya settings? I know there are different shortcuts and stuff, that’s why I’m asking.
Has anyone tried it out yet or any opinions?

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I would imagine so. But myself, I’ve never used Maya. And i just stick to the defaults to build a habit for the environment im in.

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I have been wrestling with the issue of trying to make a full fledged indie game with such a busy schedule! I might try something like this for myself for the next few years. Since I am working, and going back to college, I think working on smaller games for practice would be a great start for me. I just need to do a ego check and swallow my pride and just do it!

Side note, does anyone know what Unity will be coming out on switch or has it already been released?

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