S02 Core Combat Health bars, ranged attacks, level prototype, creating terrain, pathfinding, event based raycasting, navmeshes, projectiles, enemy archetypes, level story theme and flow, scriptable objects.
S03 Modifiers & Abilities Customise character abilities, weapons, characters and enemies. This includes multiple damage types, modifiers, sounds, animations.
S04 Finished Demo The toughest, and most rewarding section of the course. Here you learn to finish strong, with clean code, few bugs, and great features. This is real game dev right here. The full course is <a href="https://www.udemy.com/unityrpg">on Udemy here</a>.
S01 Character Movement Designing your RPG, creating a combat sandbox, raycasts and layer masks, click mouse to move, cursor affordances, onion design, <em>Observer</em> pattern, delegates, <em>Event</em> keyword.
Showcase Showcase aspects of your Unity RPG game for other students to enjoy.

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